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Secrets From Self-Publishing Legends Like

  • Alex Mandossian Teleseminar Specialist
    $400 Million in Sales
  • Joel Comm NY Times
    bestselling author
  • Harv Eker #1 NYTimes Bestseller
    "Secrets of The Millionaire Mind"
  • Mike Koenigs Three-time #1 Bestselling Author, “2009 Marketer of the Year”
  • Bond Halbert Bestseller & $27 Mil
    Sold with words
  • Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero Top Copywriting
  • Andrew Zirkin Kindle Wealth Formula
    & Kindle SEO Master
  • Jacob Hiller 1 Book $2.5Mil Sold
    No Amazon
  • Sam England Info Product Master
    100+ Products
  • Hollis Carter 30+ books Top 100

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Here's A Kindle Success Story You Can Probably Relate To...

My name is Andreas Quintana.

I’m a ex-soldier from a small village in Spain. After leaving the Army I struggled to find my way..

I took a low paying job as a janitor in a metal factory. But it just didn't feel right.

Scraping metal from oily machines all day & getting paid dirt, made me feel desperate.

In my few spare hours, I focused my energy on finding a way out of this hole.
Not just for me but for my family and the love of my life.

After two years of hell, I found a way to make money by writing books on Kindle.

Before that, I didn't even know what Kindle was.

Yet I love to write.

In the last 18 months I’ve published FOUR very successful Kindle books. Two made the top ten bestseller list for their categories.

It would have been even faster.

At the same time, publishing my first book on Kindle was also scary and confusing.
I knew that I needed help.

I bought every single Kindle Publishing and Marketing Course I could find.

Most of the so-called experts made more money selling how-to Kindle products than they actually make selling their own books!

Often the how-to courses had old repetitive information that wasn’t even helpful.

“Just give me the latest stuff that works…

After finally putting the pieces together and finding the confidence to publish my first
book, my biggest fear became real... I didn’t make any sales!

I almost gave up…

In the two years of searching for my path to freedom
I met some amazing people who had successfully published many books.

So I decided to ask them:

“What are the most important things you are doing
  now to experience your Kindle Publishing Success?”

I got these experts together & they gave me their most amazing juicy
marketing success secrets
that work for them today.

My only regret is that I didn’t get these Kindle mentors together sooner.

The gems they taught me helped get rid of all my fear, frustration and lack of sales!

“Right after I followed their advice, my first book became a huge success!”

…and so on from just one book!

I was finally able to quit my dead end job, and soon… I paid all my bills from book

Early on, one of my books was making me over $700 a month.

Now you might think I got lucky…

But I didn’t…

Without mentors I wouldn’t have the success I have today.

Yet, I’m not special.

even without any experience.

I’m going to do for you what I wish someone had done for me.

I’m now connected with some of the most brilliant minds in the field of Book Marketing.

One of the best things I did was team up with Andrew Zirkin.

He’s the Creator of Kindle Wealth Formula, the most
comprehensive Kindle training I’ve ever experienced.
It explains how he hit # 1 on Kindle three times,
as well as how you can too.

After a recent meeting we came up with this life changing Idea…

The Self-Publishers Wealth Summit Online Event!!!! An Online Event like no other!

Andrew and I got all these experts of self-publishing together for a once in a lifetime Worldwide Event.

We made this accessible to you, no matter where you are.
All you need is computer & an internet connection. Let me explain…

We’re bringing together Two Dozen Kindle and Self-Publishing experts
to share thier gems and answer your most urgent questions.

They will specifically cover how to get your book published and hit
Bestseller status in the shortest amount of time possible.

For you to be successful, it’s essential you learn from the very best.

Until this Event, it’s been too expensive if not impossible to hire these bestselling experts.

Most of them charge $500 to $2000 an hour for their time.

We’re bringing the very best minds in Self-Publishing and Book Marketing to You.

Here’s some of the Groundbreaking Things You Will Discover:

  • Secrets To Making Irresistible Books Everyone Wants To Read.
  • Easy free Viral steps to get your books selling like crazy
  • Private Facebook Group for Networking and Brainstorming
  • Get your Bestsellers written FREE - you stroll warm sandy beaches in Hawaii.
  • Understand backend sales secrets - turn hundreds into  thousands $ monthly
  • Dominate Children’s books, Romance, Cookbooks, Fitness  and more
  • Plus… because we are holding this event online anyone can attend from anywhere in the world, anytime with lifetime  recording access.

As if all of this is not enough, Andrew’s also throwing in access to his widely popular
‘Kindle Wealth Formula’ Membership Site.

That is not even the best part…

The event is set up so that we are 100% confident you will learn all you need to
massively increase your results no matter where you are at.

Here’s PROOF we can take your game to a much higher level

To ensure we can help everyone - from 1st time publishers to authors living high on the hog from book sales….

The team of rock star authors have promised to share their greatest juicy tips they use to win today for their publishing.

Here’s a sneak preview of who we’ve got & what you’ll discover from such legends as:

Mike Koenigs
Mike Koenigs is a three-time #1 Bestselling Author, “2009 Marketer of the Year” winner, serial entrepreneur, filmmaker, speaker and patented inventor. He is the CEO, “Chief Disruptasaurus” and Founder of Instant Customer and creator of “Author Expert Marketing Machines”, “Make, Market Launch IT” and “The Top Gun Consulting Toolkit”. His products and services have simplified and automated marketing for over 30,000 small businesses, authors, experts, speakers, coaches and consultants in more than 60 countries. Mike is a recent (2013) stage 3a cancer survivor, completing major surgery, 4 months of chemotherapy, 33 radiation treatments and is combining integrative, nutritional, alternative, energy therapies and TM and zazen meditation on his road to wellness.
Harv Eker
Using the principles he teaches, T. Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in only 2 1/2 years, and went on to build Peak Potentials Training, one of the largest success training companies in North America (which he later sold in He also shocked the publishing world with his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, hitting #1 on the NY Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists its first week out. The book has now sold over a million and a half copies and has been translated into 36 different languages all over the world. He is considered to be one of the most exciting presenters on the planet, and has helped change the lives of over a million people.
Alex Mandossian
Since 1993, Alex Mandossian has generated nearly $400 million in sales and profits for his strategic alliance partners, clients and students worldwide. He will be teaching on how to turn your book content into profitable membership sites.

His Marketing strategies helped convert his annual income in 2001 into a monthly income by 2003 & then into an hourly income (16 times) by 2006. His colleagues acknowledge him as the Warren Buffet of the Internet because of his unique ability to make money for his partners, clients & students.

Alex's blog is read weekly by over 155,000 subscribers. He has shared the stage with diverse thought leaders such as Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Ormand, Mikhail Gorbachev and the Dalai Lama.

Joel Comm
Joel Comm is an entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, and new media innovator. An expert on harnessing the power of the web, publishing, social media and mobile applications to expand your brand’s reach and engage in active relationship marketing, Joel is a sought-after public speaker who leaves his audience inspired, entertained, and armed with strategic tools to create a new media campaign that will explode their business.
Rick Frishman
Publisher at Morgan James Publishing in New York and founder of Planned Television Arts (now called Media Connect), has been one of the leading book publicists in America for over 37 years. Rick works with many of the top book editors, literary agents, and publishers in America, including Simon & Schuster, Random House, Wiley, Harper Collins and Penguin Group.
Along with working with bestselling authors, President Jimmy Carter, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Henry Kissinger, Howard Stern, John Grisham & many others of the world’s bestselling authors.

Rick has also appeared on hundreds of radio shows & more than a dozen TV shows nationwide, including Oprah & Bloomberg TV.

Also been featured in the New York times, Wall Street Journal, AP & scores of other publications.

Sam England
is truly a master at product creation, publishing & Marketing with over 100 on Warrior launches and over 10 in most Kindle success niches. Sam shows how to make money with info product creation. He is one of the most prolific WSO product creators of all time.
Jacob Hiller
Sold 70,000 books and $2.5 million without Amazon, iTunes or Barnes & Noble.
Ebook extraordinaire and expert on self publishing on a shoe-string budget.
Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy is a pioneer in the world of copywriting when it comes to selling to women and conscious entrepreneurs. Her background as a journalist & an actress prepared her for the level of wordsmithing and psychology necessary to build her decade-plus long career. Her list of clients reads like a Hall of Fame list of marketers and corporations such as Office Depot, Ladies Who Launch, Ali Brown International, Braveheart Women, Glazer Kennedy, and more. Author, speaker, and creator of “The She Factor Copywriting Boot Camp” and “The Conscious Copywriting Formula,” Lorrie knows what it takes to build rapport for long-lasting relationships. And more importantly, she knows how to SELL with copy!
Bond Halbert
#1 Best-Selling Author on Amazon and living marketing legend!

Son of the greatest copywriter who ever lived and responsible for over 27 million dollars in sales, Bond is a master copywriter and marketing strategist who is famous for his creative genius and providing cutting edge tactics that work right now!
Ben Gay III
Best known for the Self-Published Closers book Ben’s series sold over 5 Million books. He has also authored and self published 12 books on the subject of selling and living successfully. At one point Ben worked with and had a lifetime friendship with the legendary late Zig Ziglars, as well as Earl Nightingale, Ray Considine, Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich.
Hollis Carter
He has started four successful businesses. Focusing primarily on marketing and innovation. Hollis is currently the founder of Velocity House Publishing. They have helped 30+ clients hit the top 100 books on Kindle... So you truly don't want to miss this one!
Paul Coleman
Paul is an incredible writer and marketer. Paul knows exactly what makes readers tick and can write book titles and descriptions that SELL. He has come up with very unique techniques that will help you build your self-publishing business and reach the next level.
Amy Harrop & Deborah Drum
They are masters at eBook and Kindle publishing, marketing and promotion. They also are masters when it comes to Publishing for Apple’s bookstore. This Makes them an Explosive Duo You Don't Want To Miss at The Self-Publishers Wealth summit.
Lina Trivedi
Freelance Web Designer and Writer.
Her writing career began with her first job at Ty, known for the ever-popular Beanie Babies, where she was credited to authoring the first 136 poems found inside the tags of the toys, and creating their first Web site.
Bolaji Oyejide
Also known as “The Two Cent Story Teller” Bolaji is known for creating the successful series of children’s books named “Little Brave Heroes”. He is not only a bestselling author but also an expert in the field of marketing.
Adrienne Hew
She is a Certified Nutritionist turned Internet marketer. Adrienne is best known for her very successful cookbook, “50 Ways to Eat Cock: Mouthwatering and Nutritious Rooster Recipes for the Imaginative Cook”. She knows how creative unapologetic titles can catapult self-publishers ahead of the competition by creating a viral buzz.
Charity Cason
She makes over $5000 a month from her books. Charity is a true self-publishing expert. She has developed some of the most groundbreaking techniques for creating and marketing your Kindle Books.
Known as “The Authority Maker”, Krizia helps authors master book marketing, gain authority & recurring revenues by attracting new clients easier.

Featured in Forbes & Tech Journal.
Spoken along side Guy Kawasaki, Randi Zuckerberg & Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO).
Andreas Quintana – Will be teaching on how to pick a niche that flows money like an ATM as well as his unique ways of ranking your books on YouTube to Skyrocket Your Book Sales and Bestseller Ranks.
Andrew Zirkin – Founder of #1 Kindle author reveals the most effective secrets to ranking your books at the top of Google, Amazon and YouTube for even more book sales and fame. As well as the
cheapest and fastest ways to outsource most of your book publishing tasks and promotions.
John Lee Dumas
John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire, a top ranked business podcast that interviews today's most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. John has been featured in both TIME and Inc. Magazine, and is the founder of Podcasters' Paradise; a community where Podcasters can create, grow, and monetize their podcast. EntrepreneurOnFire generates over 450,000 unique downloads a month with past guests such as Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Barbara Corcoran, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Guy Kawasaki. Recaps of the 400+ episodes and MUCH more can be found at
David Bullock
David is a degreed mechanical engineer having worked with: DuPont, Exxon/Mobil and General Motors. Then a switch to international account management at FANUC Robotics, resulted in over $200 million in sales to the automotive sector including: Nissan, BWM, Daimler-Chrslyer and Honda. His skills came together working with Dr. James Kowalick as a TRIZ/Taguchi Ad Optimization Specialist. David's effective processes lead to increased sales by up to 300%. His proven success has made him an authority among internet marketing and business development experts.
David co-authored Barack 2.0, a case study of Barack Obama's successful use of social media during the 2008 presidential campaign. David is the Co-Founder of CEO Mastery, Inc a firm that has developed a business acceleration methodology.
Matt Palmer
Matt Palmer is a Partner and Chief Marketing Officer for AppClover, the creators of Appzine Machine – the self-publishing magazine app publishing platform and training center. After graduating from MIT, Matt followed his passion for helping businesses and appreneurs achieve success in a variety of marketing and strategy roles that spanned east and west coasts
Before AppClover, Matt founded a mobile app marketing, services company, 'Marketing Your App. The company helped iPhone, iPad, and Android developers from around the world successfully get more exposure, new customers, and increased sales in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Before AppClover, Matt founded a mobile app marketing, services company, 'Marketing Your App. The company helped iPhone, iPad, and Android developers from around the world successfully get more exposure, new customers, and increased sales in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.
An experienced online marketer for the tech industry, Matt has been featured by leading app-related media outlets like App Marketer Magazine. He is responsible for creating the #1 app marketing podcast on iTunes, with nearly 60,000 downloads to date, along with the "App Traffic Academy" and "App Launch Blueprint" training courses, and is responsible for marketing over 130+ mobile apps across every category.

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